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Antonio Stradivari was one of the greatest lutist in times, he was born in 1644 in Cremona (Italy) and died in 1737 in the same city.
He built almost 1000 violins in his life, and about 500 pieces survived until today.
He spent all his life for his passion of building musical instruments engaging to obtain the perfect sound.

We build longboards with the same wood used since centuries for the construction of violins: best quality of selected maple wood from the woods of Val di Fiemme, Italy.
We work with same passion of Antonio Stradivari, every piece is unique and involve long times for the production: more than 30 days.
Each Stradivarius has a different sound, like violins, depending by materials used for the construction, and is numbered: it is a collector’s item which last in time.

Lutery was a tradition also in Venice, here art is everywhere, you just have to walk along the streets and you will breathe an air without time, sorrounded by wonderful buildings and Gondolas. Venice is full of workshops where people express their creativity through art: sculptures, traditional masks, musical instruments, paintings. In this crazy place we decide to start a new activity: that one of building longboards, mantaining traditional woods together with innovative materials from aerospace, with the knowledge learned in mechanical engineering.

We build longboards with the same devotion of Antonio Stradivari for building his instruments: every detail is studied and nothing is neglected.
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