The processing of a Stradivarius longboard takes place completely by hand without using CNC and other robotic systems, so it takes about 30 days, depending on the difficulty of construction.

The boards have at least 15 different layers in which precious woods and light and resistant synthetic fibers are combined. Our decks are designed to withstand shocks and last in time thanks to the use of carbon fiber and with an exceptional resistance thanks to kevlar.

The final painting is done by hand with a brush for each longboard, following the traditional method of the violins, ensuring the highest quality of the finished work.


We use only naturally seasoned wood, carefully selected to avoid defects that could notch the integrity of the chassis. Maple, walnut, red elm, ash are only a few at our disposal, always different and unique, from around the world.

By using synthetic fibers we can decrease the board thickness in comparison with a traditional wood made board. Synthetic fibers have homogeneus mechanical features and they are without defects. The result is a very reactive board with great properties such as impact resistance and vibrations absorption.

We use the best resins in the market that ensure high flexibility and scuffing resistance. The hardening time takes 48 hours and this process is entirely performed at room temperature in order to avoid thermal stresses in the wood.


Wheels are selected to enhance mechanical and aesthetical features of each board.
We have many wheels: sideset, offset, centerset for carving, freeride and sliding.

We have several trucks dedicated to carving, freeride, dancing and downhill and we choose only the best products in the market.

We have a wide range of bearings in order to obtain the desired fluency: from the most durable stainless models to the high performance ceramic ones.

Ride the Road

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions in terms of design and performance, to ensure a unique riding experience in the world. The carving boards offer a high bend angle, for those who love tight corners at the limit, suitable for surfers and snowboarders. The longboards for dancing provide maximum comfort on every road surface, have a generous tail to perform tricks, suitable for conducting medium-range curves and practice dancing. For lovers of speed there are freeride and downhill boards, guaranteeing high sensitivity in slides, vibrations absorption and impact resistance, gripped Vicious.