Formula No.1

Sandwich construction with maple wood, epoxy resin, fiberglass, kevlar, ultra light polymer, alutex.

- SHAPE - 

Synthetic Fiber

- SET UP -
Trucks: Surf Rodz HybridSZ 175 mm 45°
Wheels: Blood Orange Alpin Series 73mm 80a
Bearings: Rush abec 9 titanium

- DECK No.  069 -
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Length: 94 cm
Min Width: 22 cm
Max Width: 24 cm
Wheelbase: 56-60 cm
Concave: 13 mm

Top Speed
Impact Resistance

We are proud to present the first downhill longboard with racing car aerodynamics, developed over the years with team riders. The shape of the Formula is designed to reduce the impact of air on the front truck and wheels, features wheelflares and micro drops to lower the center of gravity and increase the stability of the board. For this longboard we have developed an innovative concave, variable along the deck, with an elliptical drop in the center, to ensure maximum grip with the feet during slides and safety at high speeds. Stradivarius Formula was created for the descent but can also be configured in a carving version with a raised set up.

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You can request the construction of a new longboard built on your personal specifications, you can choose one of our exclusive shapes, the materials you prefer between precious natural woods and high performance synthetic fibers, the grip design and all the components.


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