Venice Longboard School will help you to learn skateboarding, longboarding and surfskating, supported by expert riders from the area of Venice and its surroundings.
Our school offers lessons for riders of all ages and levels, and even if you don't have your own longboard or skateboard we will provide you one.
The courses take place at San Giuliano Park and at H Farm in Roncade which offers a top-level skate park and a pump track.

Classes at H Farm will be held on the following days:
- Mon   15:15-16:15  (6-10 years)
             16:30-17:30  (11-16 years)
- Tue     15:15-16:15  (3-5 years)
- Wed    15:15-16:15  (6-10 years)
              16:30-17:30  (11-16 years)

Students aged 6 and over have the possibility to choose between:
- One lesson per week at a cost of 640 euros per year
- Two lessons per week at a cost of 940 euros per year
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We want to carry out longboard and skateboard lessons safely, and so we recommend protections such as knee pads, hand guards and elbow pads, while the helmet is mandatory.
The San Giuliano park offers a unique setting with a view of the Venice lagoon and, if the air is clear even on the Dolomites, it offers both a skating rink with a smooth surface and some descents of varying difficulty and slope.