Handmade in Venice, Italy

We are researchers of new solutions applied to longboards. The Stradivarius project was born from the passion for music and for the traditional wood of violin making, combined with the latest generation composite technology, derived from the racing car industry. We are very tied to our territory and we are committed to enclose in each Stradivarius part of the beauty that is transmitted to us from Venice. Unmatched design and high performance are our goals to achieve and work without pause until we have achieved them. We build boards to excite those who watch them and those who ride them, to convey our idea of sport and art. We collaborate with the best riders in Italy and throughout Europe to develop innovative projects and test them on the road.

Innovation and Tradition

Each Stradivarius is unique and numbered, designed with high performances composite materials together with traditional wood used by lutists. Precious materials and long processing times are the keys to obtain longboards at the state of the art.

Many technical aspects are analyzed: rigidity, weight, flexibility, reactivity, impact resistance, vibrations absorption. After this the boards are tested by the athletes, which ensure a technical feedback.

The manufacture of each Stradivarius longboard takes more than 30 days

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