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This unique shape was born from the desire to design a longboard deck inspired from the shape of a violin, and built with the same wood:
Maple wood from Val di Fiemme, Italy.
We think that riding and playing an instrument are inspired by the same force: the desire to express our abilities, and our feelings.

It’s not important if there is a public or we are alone, what matters is to try until you make it!
Gran Concerto is a meeting point beetwen function and aesthetics. It’s a symmetric shape, with no difference between nose and tail, at its center it has C-Bouts that serve for reduce vibrations and can be used by the rider to invent new freestyle tricks!

When first prototype of Gran Concerto was finished we didn’t know yet how to you use it, we started mounting a carving set-up with Gullwing Sidewinder trucks, and was amazing.
Was long 86 cm, wide 24 cm with 66 cm of wheelbase, was great to pump like surfing the road and also for dancing.
You know how much the board influence your style, well… With a a Gran Concerto under your feet you can invent a new style, there is nothing similar in commerce.

Something changed when we thought: is it possible to do downhill with a violin under your feet?
It was.

We started changing the set up with Surf Rodz HibridSZ trucks, 176 mm, we put small risers to approach center of gravity to the ground and the board was ready to go down from the mountain!
Results were incredible, the deck gave great feeling until the speed of 70 km/h.
After that speed started vibrating because it was not designed for this use.
We decide to build another one wider and heavier, designed to absorb vibrations at high speeds.

From that  moment we built other models, now we reached No.8, everyone is unique and numbered, we defined 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL.
Like in luthery there are violins, violas, cellos with different dimensions and different sounds, also in longboarding there are different measures of decks, depending by the foot of the rider and his style.
Gran Concerto has no fear about speed, with L and XL sizes you can reach up to 100 km/h!

There is nothing you can’t do with Gran Concerto, if you decide to take one contact us and talk directly with the shaper! You can start choosing the size: S or M for carving, cruising, dancing and freestyle, L or XL for freeriding and downhill.
You can choose how heavy you want it, depending by the target speed and materials with which it’s built.
The board will be designed together with the right set-up for you!
Finally you can decide the finishing between a lot of precious wood, synthetic fibers, or an artwork painted by hand.