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Unique world longboards with high performances.

Innovation of the shapes

Selection of precious materials

Built to last in time

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Longboards handcrafted in Italy with the wood of the violins

The boards are made with maple wood from Val di Fiemme, Italy, where violin makers have been supplying for centuries to build the best quality violins.

Together with the woods, synthetic fibers are added, such as carbon fiber, fiberglass and kevlar, to improve the mechanical properties of longboards, improve their impact resistance and absorbption of vibrations.

The fibers are manually laminated with the best epoxy resin available on the market, derived from aerospace.

We can shape a custom longboard for you

You can request the construction of a new longboard built on your personal specifications, you can choose one of our exclusive shapes, the materials you prefer between precious natural woods and high performance synthetic fibers, the grip design and all the components.


Handmade in Venice, Italy

Stradivarius decks are specific for the various longboard disciplines: downhill, freeride, carving, dancing or cruising in the city.

Each longboard expresses the best of its character in a specific situation, we have also developed all-round shapes, which adapt to all uses depending on the set-up that will go to mount.

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